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For the writing commentary meme, lovecatcadillac asked for this passage from "When You Get Older."

I know this is kind of a weird thing for a writer to say, but I'm actually really proud of the way this fic turned out. I'd never written anything longer than 2k up to this point, and I was terrified that I'd wimp out or that it would be terrible overall. I ended up pouring a lot of what I was going through and what I had gone through- college anxiety, personal identification, crises of sexuality and what it meant about me- into the writing of this story, and it shows through in this section in particular.

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Belatedly (but by god, I WILL have this posted before the end of the month) here is my commentary for the second Yuletide story I wrote! I had fun with this one.

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DVD commentary the first! I've planned to do one for both my Yuletide stories, but chose this one first because a) it was my assignment, and b) it lets me babble endlessly about the period detail, which I love. Onward!

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Because I am a moron, I completely forgot about a meme where I promised [livejournal.com profile] hoosierbitch to put up a DVD commentary of "All day she tries to remember her reflection" Doh!

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