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You know what's awesome? BOOKS. You know what's even awesomer? WRITING FIC ABOUT BOOKS. And yet, you know what's sadly lacking in fandom? Well . . .

To wit: have a book you like? Want to prompt for it? Leave it here! See a prompt you like for a book you love? WRITE THAT SHIT! Who knows, maybe you'll find fellow fans you didn't know existed.

The Super Important And Srs Rules
  1. Art and fanmixes are also acceptable fills!
  2. If adaptations exist of your chosen book and you'd like to blend adaptation!canon with book!canon, feel free to do so. (I.e. referencing scenes added by the adaptation. So long as the focus is the book characters.)
  3. Warn for any potential triggers or squicks in your fills. Also, please put the title and rating in the subject line.
  4. Prompt like so: Canon -> character/pairing -. prompt. (i.e. Tortall, Daine/Numair, don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by)
  5. Don't bash anyone else's prompts or pairings
  6. Try to fill as well as prompt! If you haven't got creative juices flowing,t hat's totally okay, but having people work both ways keeps the fest alive and well.
  7. Have fun!

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A fan's got needs. Sure we know Lucy and Tyler are meant to be, but the author hasn't confirmed it yet. Who hasn't longed for that one last bit of UST between Josh and Ron? And of course, we just can't get enough of Kate being punished. 

Whether you're here for the Rosh, the inevitable killing of Ceecee by John, or the sweet Rosemary/Jethro (who cares what the author said in that one interview- it's SO obvious) it's no problem! Just leave prompts and have a party.

  1. Please warn for stories with triggering content, as well as putting ratings in the subject line.
  2. Format your prompt like this: Kate/Bigthumb, these wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real
  3. Don't bash anyone else's prompt or story.
  4. Remember, we're all here to have fun!

(For the confused.)
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How does it work? Simple enough: you think of a canonically queer (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, genderqueer, poly et cetera) who you want to read happy fic about it, you prompt it, and someone fills it for you. Easy!


1. Only canonically queer characters fit the bill. For instance, Brian Kinney or Santana Lopez are both explicitly queer in their canons; Sherlock Holmes is not. If the character has explicitly stated or expressed that they are not heterosexual/cisgender, then they're applicable. If they haven't, then . . . they're not.

[addemdum] I've been asked about characters who don't explicitly declare themselves either way. I had to think hard about this one, because a) the idea for the meme originally sprung from seeing canon queer characters being abused by their narratives and wanting to give them a better time, and b) I didn't want to degenerate into the sidelining/erasure of canon women, which I see happening a lot in slash fandom. That said, I think if a character is undeclared- that is to say, haven't made their preferences clear either way- then they can be included in the prompts/fills. Subtext is a bit more of a case-by-case basis; you can ask about it in the questions thread below.

2. Crossovers are fine.

3. RPF is also fine, but again, only if the celebrities in question are openly queer. Chaz Bono is applicable; Anderson Cooper is not. (Please consider that celebrities are sometimes outed without their consent. If a celebrity has not VOLUNTARILY made their feelings clear, please do not post prompts for them.)

4. If your story includes any sort of potentially triggering content, warn for it in the subject line. This is non-negotiable. Failure to do so will result in the fill being deleted, so that you can repost it with appropriate warnings. If you're not sure what might constitute triggering content, feel free to ask in the questions thread.

5. Prompts should follow this format: "Canon, character/pairing, prompt." For instance, a prompt might read "Glee, Kurt Hummel, baby you're a firework." In the subject line of the fill, include the title, as well as the character you're basing the story on, the rating, and any warnings. So a response to that prompt might read "Kurt Hummel, opening night, PG"." This helps keep everything organized, as well as alerting prospective readers to stories that might interest them.

Fill List )
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Welcome to the animated comment fic-a-thon! The purpose of this comment meme is to generate fanfiction for various animated movies- from the classics of our childhood to the newer releases that we still love to the Studio Ghibli releases that have won awards for their creative mastery.

Rules + promotional code and banners under here )
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Or, how I managed to write a list of kinks without any actual kink. Uh. Go me?
  • Cuddling. Love me some cuddling.
  • First times. First kiss, first time sleeping together, etc.
  • Touching. Can also fall under cuddling, but encompasses holding hands, kissing, hugging, nuzzling, post-danger holding, etc.
  • Awesome ladies being awesome. Preferably with each other.
  • Schmoop. Couples having happy times with each other/reaching a happy ending.
  • Brick: Brendan/Laura
  • The Tudors: Kitty Howard/Joan Bulmer
  • Twin Peaks: Audrey/Cooper, Shelly/Bobby, Donna/Maddy, Donna/Laura
  • Rome: Vorenus/Niobe, Vorenus/Pullo, Vorena/Octavia
  • Pillars of the Earth: Tom/Ellen, Aliena/Elizabeth, Martha/Elizabeth
  • Anastasia: Anya/Dimitri
  • Doctor Who (2005): Amy/Rory
  • Sherlock (2010): John/Sherlock
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It seems like female characters get the bulk of criticism in fandom. Whether they're getting in the way of a slash pairing, being too forceful and outspoken for fandom's liking, or just plain being female, they just can't seem to win.

Well enough of that! These ladies are awesome, and we need to say so more often. So I'm opening up a commentfic fest here to do just that. Think of a female character- any female character- who you've seen getting hated on, and post a prompt about her. The rules are pretty simple:

1. Format your prompts like this: Fandom, character, prompt.
2. You can ask for shippy fic, but make sure it focuses on the ladies! That means het or femmeslash- no slash, sorry.
3. Be polite! And no hating on anyone else's prompt. This is supposed to be a celebration- leave the negativity at the door.
4. Leave feedback! It causes warm fuzzies all around
5. Spread the love! Link far and wide.


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